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Efficient Prescriptions and Other Time-Saving Features

Boost practice efficiency
Use an Electronic Health Record to facilitate the entry and storage of patient information, prescriptions, labs, billing and scheduling. More than just an EHR, Practice Fusion is a comprehensive management solution that allows your team to streamline complex administrative processes.

  • Rapid templating The transition from writing notes directly in a chart to typing them in on a computer is a common obstacle for physician EHR adoption. Practice Fusion's rapid templating allows you to create charts faster than with writing or dictation. The adaptive templating system learns with you and gets faster over time.

  • Easy e-prescribing Submit prescriptions directly to pharmacies with one click of the button. Reduce your office workflow by eliminating the print and sign prescription process. e-Prescribing speeds up the process of submitting prescriptions and approving refills. Prescription records are tied directly to the patient for easy reference.

  • Automated verification Patient data is instantly verified upon entry into the electronic health record. Practice Fusion's EHR cannot capture invalid data. For example, a patient's blood pressure can't be saved if entered incorrectly. These interstitial checks reduce the review time needed before signing.

  • Activity feed Practice Fusion's EHR includes a unique activity feed feature that displays a list of recent actions from each user in your practice. Similar to Facebook's News Feed, EHR users get a longitudinal view of actions occurring in the practice. Without having to dig through charts, you can review who has seen your patient and has been done, including visits, labs results, medications prescribed and more.