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10/2010: Practice Fusion Teams up with Microsoft's Windows Azure MarketPlace to Support Health Research
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About Practice Fusion's Research Division
Practice Fusion provides the critical information needed to power clinical research for drug interaction research, disease outbreak monitoring and reporting, and more. Top universities across the country use Practice Fusion's research information to power studies that are providing new insight into healthcare and how it is delivered.

All research information utilized by Practice Fusion is de-identified and fully-compliant with HIPAA

Benefits of Working with Research Information
De-identified health information is the best resource the medical community has in developing new treatments, medicines and care processes. Research information from EHRs can act as a monitor by providing life-saving information about harmful side effects of drugs that have already been released to the public. The use of safe, secure, de-identified statistics is an exciting advancement in medicine today. Keeping your patients' personal health information safe, secure and available is our highest priority and we extend this focus to our work in clinical research.

  • Public health Practice Fusions' national database provides an invaluable safety net that can effectively catch dangerous drugs that have already been put on the market. There is currently no fast, comprehensive system for tracking and catching harmful drug reactions. When harmful side effects are discovered by medical providers and patients now, the process for recalling drugs with dangerous side effects can take years. Practice Fusion's Research Division works with experts to pinpoint dangerous side effects almost instantly and report these alerts to the medical community.

  • Learning from the VA and Kaiser Health research using EHRs has been led by the Department of Veterans Affairs EHR called VistA and Kaiser Permanente's Epic, two of the most successful and widely used EHR systems in the world. Both the VA and Kaiser use their EHRs in medical research projects and to improve patient care.

  • PHI security An EHR vendor's main focus, in accordance with HIPAA regulations, should always be keeping your patient information private. Not only do we meet and exceed all HIPAA regulations, we adhere to a fundamental belief that patient information must remain completely secure. A recent study concludes that many people's concerns regarding de-identified information are unfounded. We never sell personally identifiable information.

  • Industry standard Insurance companies, laboratories and pharmacies collect and distribute your de-identified patient information right now. Each time you submit claims, request lab work or prescribe a medication the information you submit is aggregated and used in studies. Practice Fusion's Research Division advances this existing practice by further protecting privacy and using more extensive research to advance clinical understanding.

  • Social responsibility Due to Practice Fusion's nation-wide user base, our platform has increasingly complete and significant insight into national health. To keep this information from medical researchers would be a disservice to the safety and advancement of medicine in this country.