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Reliable Electronic Health System

Availability is Paramount
Practice Fusion's web-based electronic health record system is designed to be available for your practice at all times. We understand that our EHR system is a mission-critical part of your practice's operations. Practice Fusion's foundation of Fortune 500-level SaaS infrastructure ensures that you can login instantly to your records whenever needed.

Superior to local systems
Practice Fusion's web-based EHR offers a level of reliability far surpassing any EHR systems installed on your computer or on a local server. Local systems are much more vulnerable to power-outages, hardware failure and system crashes. Practice Fusion utilizes the highest-levels of SaaS infrastructure – systems that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement independently – and maintains them to the strictest standards. All you have to do is login.

Runtime Levels
Practice Fusion achieved "three nines" level of availability in 2009, maintaining 99.9% runtime for our users. Our objective for 2010 is to exceed this level. The majority of our EHR system enhancements do not require any system downtime. Releases that may require a few minutes of downtime are scheduled for the middle of the night to avoid disruption.

Service Level Agreement
Practice Fusion is the only EHR system to post a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for our users. SLAs are a common feature in the technology sector and provide you with a measurable expectation for performance and reliability. Practice Fusion guarantees the highest levels of runtime. View the Practice Fusion Service Level Agreement.

Hosted EHR security information: ONCHIT on health information technology security