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Founders Fund Leads $23 Million Practice Fusion Financing Round - more
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3 in 4 Patients Say Computers Help Doctors Deliver Better Care - more
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Patient Care Management Software

We looked for an EMR that could help us with creating portable records for our patients. Every system we looked at was very expensive, but with Practice Fusion we liked what we saw. - Jason Boylan, FNP-C

When you pull a patient's chart in the Practice Fusion EHR you'll see an intuitive patient dashboard:

  • A live feed of any activity involving the patient, including viewing the chart, prescriptions and visits. You can see real-time status of the patient with one quick view
  • A button to turn on the patient's access to the PHR
  • Records of labs, medications and other medical documents
  • Messages from patients and refill requests
  • Appointments
  • Patient medical history (PMH) including a profile photo
  • Diagnosis history (Dx)
  • Medication list (Rx)
  • Advanced directives
  • Immunization records
  • Automatically populated CDC growth charts

Patient Lists
Practice Fusion's powerful patient search tool speeds up your search for records and helps you avoid duplicate patients. If the patient isn't found in your system, simply click a button to create a new patient record. Each user can access up to five patient charts at the same time.