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David Wyatt, MD
Lynn McCallum, MD
Ken Harrington, PM
Raymond Zakhari, NP
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Secure Messaging

I can customize the templates, and messaging is secure. And the [Practice Fusion] software is free, you can't beat that.
- Dr. David Wyatt, Information Week

Convenient and secure communication
Eliminate post-it notes and ensure follow-up on important tasks by using Practice Fusion's secure email. Our fully HIPAA-compliant messaging feature helps your practice to efficiently communicate phone requests, nursing orders, follow-ups, superbills and referral notations within your office. All messages are encrypted for the highest levels of security.

Free messaging as an integrated or stand-alone module
Use Practice Fusion’s completely free secure messaging system as a stand-alone module to lower operations costs and dependence on paper, fax and phone communications in your practice. Or securely message in conjunction with the comprehensive EHR system to link to patient charts, messages, lab results and more to your communications. It’s up to you how much of Practice Fusion’s free EHR system your practice is ready to use.

Patient-associated messages
Secure messages are easily associated with specific patient charts for auditing, billing and tracking activity. All messages associated with the patient are available directly within the patient dashboard. Messages can be created, forwarded, printed or replied to from within the patient chart.