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David Wyatt, MD
Lynn McCallum, MD
Ken Harrington, PM
Raymond Zakhari, NP
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Large Groups - Instant Physician Network

As a practicing physician I see the dire need for a simple, easy to acquire and implement EHR system, and having used Nextgen in recent past it is a relief to be working with a more responsive and dynamic group. - David J. Wyatt, M.D. of WeightLossMD, Atlanta, GA

The right tools for the job
Distribute Practice Fusion's Electronic Health Record system to your physician community as a way to promote the adoption of a unified and standardized tool. Practice Fusion's award-winning EHR is free, web-based and deployable to your physicians in just minutes. Practice Fusion eliminates hardware and software installations at practitioner offices, along with expensive integration needed to extract data.

Expand your community’s potential
For decades, the healthcare industry has been attempting to widely adopt EHR in order to gain insight into patient care and ultimately provide better treatment. Aggregating patient data from multiple practitioners traditionally cost millions, takes years to implement, and is rarely successful.

Practice Fusion's Instant Physician’s Network represents a dramatic leap forward for the entire healthcare industry. Our EHR enables physician groups to have instant visibility into key data needed to save lives in patients who are at risk for chronic conditions, including obesity, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and heart disease. In addition, Practice Fusion also provides tools and complete data access of physicians and patients (prescriptions, diagnoses, history, etc), which can be used for Pay for Performance initiatives, as well as Disease and Wellness Outreach Programs.

No limits
Expand and grow as you like. Practice Fusion’s EHR offers unlimited users accounts and patient records for your group. There are no fees or costs for expansion, no caps on your growth. Data within a single practice account can be easily shared across your various locations and franchises.