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Easy to use Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Easy & intuitive EMR System
Practice Fusion has developed the most easy-to-use Electronic Health Record (EHR) system available. There is no need to deal with downtime and extensive learning curves because our EHR intuitively mirrors your current workflow. You can sign up for an account in under five minutes and each member of your practice can be up to speed on charting, scheduling and billing within a week or less. And, of course, Practice Fusion's phenomenal support team will be with you every step of the way.

  • Designed with doctors, nurses and practice staff With over 80% of feature requests developed, Practice Fusion's EHR makes sense to medical professionals because our development roadmap includes feedback from our community. Charting features that include past medical history, Dx history and Rx list along with SOAP notes and case review documentation mean that the way you manage patient encounters is improved, not drastically changed.

  • Free support anytime Practice Fusion's in-house support team will guide you through the implementation process and will provide continued help with your EHR whenever you need it. Attend our unlimited live training sessions and contact us through email, phone or live chat at absolutely no cost. We also have on-demand video training available through our Learning Center.

  • Customizable to fit your practice Through customizable features you can modify Practice Fusion's EHR to match your particular workflow. Create charting templates that you can share with your entire staff to ensure consistency and color-code your schedule for each user. When you're getting started, our training is even geared toward your specific role in the practice.

  • Modular EHR Learn and implement at your own pace. Because Practice Fusion's EHR is free and flexible, you can transition your office in stages rather than all at once. Start with key features such as charting, e-prescribing or scheduling and adopt other features in stages when your practice is ready.

Learn more about EHR usability: The Importance of EMR Ease of Use, See a case study from a mental health physician using our EHR