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The ePrescribing feature of Practice Fusion is as intuitive and robust as the rest of this excellent web-based program. A medical office can truly start using Practice Fusion in five minutes, and I would add that it only takes one minute to begin ePrescribing once this is activated.
- Byron Van Dyke, MD, Dermatologist



Free e-prescribing reduces cost, improves efficiency and increases safety
With Practice Fusion’s e-prescribing technology, you can submit electronic prescriptions to more than 60,000 pharmacies in the U.S. at no cost. Available as a stand-alone feature or as part of our free, web-based EHR, eprescribing will reduce medication errors, increase practice efficiency and improve patient safety.

Our electronic prescription process:

  • Eliminates pulling patient charts and manually calling in prescription refills to pharmacies.
  • Provides interactive maps that help you instantly look up pharmacies by proximity to the practice or patient address
  • Receives refill requests directly from the pharmacy.
  • Stores patient details for future reference.

Learn how to start e-prescribing in just minutes by watching the short tutorial above.

e-Prescribing integrated with Practice Fusion's free, online EHR
If you select Practice Fusion’s free, web-based EHR, our eprescribe system will automatically populate scripts directly from imported patient charts. With prescription details flowing back to the records seamlessly, this optional connection to the EHR charting system can further streamline your practice and function as an additional medication safety check.

Look up medication information in e-prescription library
You can look up, search and filter medications by route and strength in Practice Fusion's continuously updated, NDC-based eprescription library. Most recently and most commonly prescribed medications, along with patient drug allergy information, are prominently displayed on the search screen. Add a custom medication, track your electronic prescription history and transmit or print prescriptions with one click.

Practice Fusion develops clinical decision support for e-prescriptions
We are currently configuring our free e-prescribing module to work with a powerful rules engine that can improve decision-making at the point of care. This clinical decision support system (CDS) checks for drug-drug, drug-food, drug-disease and drug-allergy interactions, and instantly alerts you when a possible problem is found. The CDS also checks for therapeutic duplications and atypical dosing requests, lists common drug side effects and provides images of the tablets for ease of reference.

Fast set-up and credential verification of e-prescribing tool
e-Prescribing requires credential verification. If you already use Practice Fusion and would like to turn on the e-prescribing software, contact us at support@practicefusion.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Have your DEA and NPI numbers ready. Most accounts can be enabled the same day.

If you are not yet a Practice Fusion user, register online for a free EHR account to get started today.

Use e-prescribing as a stand-alone feature
You can use Practice Fusion's free e-prescribing module completely independently from the rest of our free, web-based EHR features. There is no need to change anything about your practice's workflow or billing processes in order to start e-prescribing.