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Electronic Medical Charting


Chart the way you want
Practice Fusion’s EHR allows you to login, quickly and accurately create a chart note and sign electronically in a single intuitive flow. With flexible templating for over 30 specialties, Practice Fusion makes taking comprehensive chart notes online easy and faster.

Flexible SmartChart templates
SmartChart is an intuitive, adaptive charting feature that helps you document faster and more accurately within Practice Fusion’s EHR. Expedite the charting process by mirroring previous and similar encounters or selecting preassembled notes with prompts for specific values. Each new change is saved separately for re-use with similar cases in the future. You can also manually create custom SmartCharts for your common procedures and diagnoses. The efficacy of documentation improves with each new case while still allowing you to retain total control over your charting workflow.

SmartChart template library
Templates from Practice Fusion’s growing library can be accessed anytime and saved with modifications for your own preferences. SmartChart templates are derived from published recommendations from the AAP, ACOG, AAFP and other organizations and have undergone physician review for accuracy.

Build and share your own templates
Modify templates to meet your needs or build new templates from scratch easily within the system. Once you are satisfied with a template, share it with other members of your practice with just a few clicks. Watch a tutorial on EHR template management with Practice Fusion.

Standard chart formats
Practice Fusion’s EHR comes equipped with documentation methods familiar from the paper charting systems you’ve worked with, including standard SOAP notes, phone messages, case reviews, nutritionist notes, and user-customizable note types. Practice Fusion works with Dragon Naturally Speaking and other dictation programs.

Charting resources:
See an EHR Charting screen shot, Read a physician case study about charting with Practice Fusion